More Llamas ... And More Llamas ...



Lldnhill.jpg (45679 bytes)  Going Downhill  the Llamas will follow the one in front very precisely

TOPLOAD.JPG (47498 bytes)Top Loads can be about 8-12 lbs. and they ride real nice.

Colllama.jpg (76423 bytes) The llamas will packstring with numerous toploads of many varieties. Packing out his Holy Cross Wilderness Buck in Colorado was a simple hike out.

MIDDAYZ.JPG (39808 bytes) The Boys Are Comfy !!  Tether leads space them well enough for grazing or resting. Keep an eye on them in the evening and in the morning to be sure they haven't gotten tangled in the tether lead.

TRLHDPRP.JPG (44971 bytes)Prepping Panniers at the trlhd is very helpful and you can adjust weights as needed and add or remove items.

Lmanail.jpg (17566 bytes) Trimming their toe nails in the spring and again in the fall is about all the maintenance they need for up-keep.

Lmatrlr.jpg (24335 bytes) llama trlrs can come in many styles. This is a simple 6x12 with plywood sides and lattice added for travel. Very light and yet very sturdy. V-6 engines can tow this trlr and 4 llamas.

Lmsddl.jpg (24654 bytes) Saddles should be centered a little bit forward, favoring the front shoulder for stability.

Weight.jpg (28141 bytes) Weighting your llamas in the spring will give you an idea of how out of shape they got while eating and loafing around the pasture all winter. You should try and hike off the extra weight with in the first month of spring training and hiking.

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